Overview : All About HR Solutions

All About HR Solutions is a premier manpower consulting firm consisting of Executive Search & Placements, Staffing, Outsourcing of Payroll & Statutory Processes, HR Consultancy and Employment Verification Services, satisfying manpower and HR needs of our esteemed clients.

Industrial Sector Focus

  • Insurance, Banking, Finance, Marine, Shipping, Logistics, Hospitality, Pharma, FMCG, IT, Automobiles, Manufacturing and Retail

Our Objectives Are To

  • Bring you out of stack of resume. That is, we don't fill your e-mail box by resume
  • Attract potential employees on board to the company
  • Make a positive impact on our clients to increase goodwill and equity for the company leading to better market standing

Benefits to the Company

  • Our Unique Recruitment Checklist And Working Process gives us an extra edge to serve companies better and helps us to delight them. Our experience and hard work in this field has placed us in an excellent position to recruit and place specialist personnel on Staffing basis
  • Our hiring recommendations are based on our strong process called SAHCA that has testing of Skill, Attitude, Honesty, Cultural fit and our Anti-job-hoppers' filters
  • We bring a customized and personalized recruiting solutions to fit your particular needs
  • One of our main strength lies in headhunting from your competition
  • If you mandate, we will do in-depth Behavioural Interviews, Personality Profiling, and Reference Check as well as Back Ground Check of the prospective candidates from their present or previous employers and bosses
  • Ours is an expedient & cost-effective way of working and when necessary, we can deliver quick response for your urgent hiring needs
  • Our outsourced business partners can do police record and education verification at related police station and education institutes
  • We have team of industry’s experienced consultants and head hunters to do short listing and quality checks. Each profile before reaching you is qualified by atleast one recruiter and one operation manager